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791 Technologies Limited and Applied Recognition Inc. Announce New Collaboration Partnership

791 Technologies Limited and Applied Recognition Inc. sign agreement to collaborate on identity management technology.


Geoff Davidson, CEO of 791 Technologies Limited, and Ray Ganong and Don Waugh, co-CEOs of Applied Recognition Inc., are pleased to announce the recent signing of a collaboration agreement between their two Canadian companies.

With this agreement in place, 791 Tech will create, develop, and market innovative digital products using Applied Recognition’s face authentication technology built into 791 Tech applications and platforms. Ultimately, the goal of the collaboration agreement is to improve solutions for customers of both companies.

Michael Iseyemi, 791 Chief Security and Information Officer commented, “This will further enhance the foundation of 791 Technologies strategy of modular approach and help develop client solutions with cognitive capabilities by design, bringing added simplicity to complex solutions. This has the potential to open up other partnership opportunities, create significant business growth and further enhance the competitiveness of 791 Technologies products and solution stacks. The demand for digital identity and authentication solutions is constantly expanding and there has been, over the last several years, a resurgence in the quest to find better and more robust solutions in that very specific space.”

“Studies show that we typically log into 10 sites a day. These sites hold our most important data and yet we are left on our own to generate secure and unique passwords across 40 to 50 sites in total. Who can remember all of these passwords? The model is clearly broken and Applied Recognition has been working for years on solutions utilizing face authentication that will increase security, and streamline the login process while at the same time reducing the reliance on passwords,” says Ray Ganong, co-CEO of Applied Recognition. “We love the fact that 791 Technologies has designed security into the building blocks of their software stack, and we look forward to working with them to enhance their identity management and maintain their leading technology edge.”

About Applied Recognition Inc.

Applied Recognition Inc. specializes in the development of face detection, recognition and authentication technology. The company offers licensing for a variety of software development kits on Windows, Apple, Android and iOS platforms, as well as server and API services. Their smart-indexing software opens an array of opportunities for businesses and consumers alike; for instance, Applied Recognition authentication software provides multi-level biometric security, equipped with anti-spoofing and continuous verification. Its solutions reduce the cost, time and risk of product development with access to technology that we have been perfecting for over ten years.

About 791 Technologies Limited

791 Technologies Limited, headquartered in Victoria, BC, creates secure, enterprise content management systems, and leading-edge online applications, supported by enhanced data security products, website and database conversion utilities, enhanced search modules, and quality management of information tools for business and consumer use.

For more information :
791 Technologies Limited
Mr. Jean Hervieux, Chief Business Development Officer at jhervieux(at)791tech(dot)com.

Applied Recognition Inc
Mr. Ray Ganong, President at ray.ganong(at)appliedrec(dot)com

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