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Luukwan™ Joint Venture to Create Independent Sovereign Cloud

EZ Fintech Limited, EJT & Assoc. and 791 Technologies Limited have started a joint venture that is launching an independent Indigenous peoples secure digital infrastructure in 2020.

EZ Fintech Limited, EJT & Assoc. and 791 Technologies Limited have started a joint venture that is launching an independent Indigenous peoples secure digital infrastructure in 2020. This new venture is creating a unique Sovereign secure-cloud cyber communications utility company ensuring the commercial, financial, privacy and economic independence of data security for Canadian First Nations, their peoples, their enterprises, and for select and qualified clients of Luukwan™ from around the world.

“Treaty 1 to 11 Nations have established the rightful legal independence for our peoples’ commerce and enterprises from any non-indigenous government’s legislation and regulations,” notes Luukwan™ Chief Counsel Dennis R. Paul. “This empowers our peoples to maintain full privacy and security over our lands and property, including electronically stored or transmitted digital property. Luukwan™ has been established to create a cloud network connecting and serving these indigenous communities. Earlier this year 248 nations committed to participating in this project’s initial funding, and to share in the commercial opportunities that are being created from offering sovereign secure cloud services to qualifying global and non-indigenous clients.”

“EZ Fintech has been working on creating a sovereign cloud with full security and blockchain capabilities for some time,” adds Luukwan™ founder Chris Easy. “We have already secured terabytes of bandwidth from global datacom providers, and last year EZ began incorporating 791Tech’s cyber security technologies into our data architecture. Moving those to this joint venture helps minimize our costs and ensures that Luukwan™ will become a fully independent, indigenous-controlled global player in providing the safest and most secure cloud-enabled storage and communications services to our First Nations stakeholders and to all of our clients worldwide.”

“791 has been working with a number of companies on deployment of our uniquely secure digital platforms, but none offer the same level of autonomous sovereignty that will be made possible by Luukwan™s unique benefits of being an indigenous enterprise whose physical infrastructure will be wholly secured on Sovereign First Nations lands,” observes CEO Geoff Davidson. “Many of our senior leadership and advisory team members have strong histories of working with and for indigenous peoples on their quest for sovereign independence. Luukwan™ will allow 791 to use and transfer license of our proprietary technologies to advance those efforts as partners in our joint venture while evolving our role to a non-stakeholder preferred vendor, with controlling interest moving entirely into the hands of Bands and indigenous individuals.”

Luukwan™ is on track for an initial pilot offering of Sovereign Cyber Data Security and blockchain services next year, starting with ten cloud data centres with an initial group of Nations, before rapidly expanding across even more geographically dispersed among Nations throughout western, central and northern Canada.

“Starting from the core Treaty Nations’ commitment of more than $20,000,000 for start-up,” explains Luukwan™ co-founder and EJT principal Eric J. Tootoosis, “we consider that our funding of the initial stages is well in hand. Once we achieve our key milestones for this summer, Luukwan™ will be seeking additional capital of up to $100,000,000 to secure funding for the post-pilot deployment of our next 200 domestic data centres across every region from coast to coast and from our southern borders to the North Pole. That second round of capital will also help to fund our many supporting training, facilities and operational opportunities for empowering further investments in advancing the competencies, job opportunities and earnings for all our communities.”

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