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791 Technologies Limited Announces Joint Venture with Partners Energy Group Limited

Creative Greenhouse Inc., a Joint Venture to Produce Megawatt in a Box Micro Generating Stations

Partners Energy Group Limited and 791 Technologies Limited are excited to announce the formation of Creative Greenhouse Inc., a joint venture, created to deliver revolutionary, Megawatt in a Box, grid-tied, micro-power stations. Creative Greenhouse™ is offering an automated, completely portable, one-megawatt hybrid power plant, suitable for rapid deployment to almost any location.

“The Megawatt in a Box, electric power station, has been developed over several years.” according to Partners Energy Group CEO, Kevin Alexander, “Our Megawatt in a Box technology will enable communities and businesses to divert a significant portion of their waste stream away from landfill, converting it instead into clean, dependable, electric energy.” Partners' patented, self-sustaining, gasifier system utilizes a state of the art steam turbine generator to deliver reliable power.

Partners Energy has been working in conjunction with 791 Technologies to integrate secure data communications, cyber security and data warehousing platforms together with standalone control and reporting systems that operate, monitor and maintain their Megawatt in a Box product. 791's expertise will both complement and enhance Partners' power generation and delivery capabilities. The Creative Greenhouse™ joint venture marks a major step forward for both companies, in the development and deployment of their respective products.

“791 Technologies has been working with Partners Energy, and others, on deployment of our uniquely secure digital platforms. The launch of Creative Greenhouse™ enables us to add an automated, multi-redundant and cyber secure power station to any of our future platform deployments, and the capability to rapidly deliver those infrastructures to almost any location worldwide.” notes 791’s Geoff Davidson. “Our combined leadership and advisory team members have strong histories developing high availability industry solutions, and with Creative Greenhouse™ micro-power plants we can add fully integrated power redundancy to our business continuity and disaster recovery offerings.”

“Creative Greenhouse™ expects the first production units to be ready for test deployment within twelve months of securing sufficient large scale manufacturing capacity to assure timely delivery in volume.” Mr. Rob Forte, Partners Energy COO comments, “Our initial objective is one hundred installed units, in continuous operation, no later than 2021.”

“Interest in, and pre-purchase of, these Megawatt in a Box systems has proved significantly greater than forecast,” observes Joe Morrison, Creative Greenhouse Inc. CEO, “which means we are directing most of our immediate effort toward final research, development and manufacturing. Initial funding has been secured and we will be commencing joint venture operations ASAP.”

For more information, or serious investor inquiries, please contact:
Heather Kohler at 791 Technologies Limited
101-1022 Pandora Avenue,
Victoria, BC, Canada