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791 Technologies Targets Value-Conscious Consumer Market, Acquires Tillchecker™

Victoria, BC-based 791 Technologies Limited acquires Tillchecker™, a comprehensive grocery shopping app.

791 Technologies Limited is pleased to announce that it has now acquired Tillchecker™, a comprehensive grocery shopping app combining the best of published and crowd-sourced pricing information to capture user input, supplier data and barcode scanning. “We have had our eye on this application and its lead software engineer since we first began integrating its RSS feeds for Betterthan50®.com’s Victoria marketplace in 2012,” observes 791’s Chief Creative Officer Heather Kohler, “Nelson Ko channeled his personal, family and professional experience into creating Tillchecker™ which is now at version 1.2.6 and available for download on the iTunes Store.”

“My vision for Tillchecker™ is to make it the most current, versatile and locally relevant shopping planner for everyone who buys their own groceries, produce and household supplies. 791 Technologies understands my vision and has the experience and expertise to take my current app to an entirely new level with added features we hope to see on phones and tablets by 2017.” - Nelson Ko, Founder

791’s CEO Geoff Davidson states, “Tillchecker™ already delivers a very real example of crowd sourcing to promote local retailers by delivering the best value and quality of products to the consumers that want to find what they are buying as close by as possible. It also offers 791 the opportunity to advance our PersonAuthentication™ multi-factor user validation suite and to introduce our Credsourcing™ relevance rating algorithms to enhance the real time value of crowd sourced information for Tillchecker™s growing user base. We plan on making a number of significant advances to this already unique consumer aid by accelerating its growth in taking advantage of new trends in targeted crowd sourcing games and innovative crowd funding user engagement campaigns over the coming weeks. And of course we have a few surprises that will be introduced at this year’s Victoria MidLife Show™ at the Victoria Conference Centre on October 29th.”

791 will be moving Tillchecker™ operations to the US over the coming weeks, and will begin development of the enhanced Version 2.0 features on all mobile devices for a pilot program in Sugar Land (Houston), Texas launching in early 2017. Using new crowd sourcing and crowd funding opportunities, we hope to rapidly grow our membership and participation by combining new rewards, points and gaming features with the convenience and cost savings Tillchecker™ already delivers.

Mr. Ko and Mr. Davidson confirm that the acquisition involved both cash and equity, and that Mr. Ko will continue to play an essential role in the creative direction of Tillchecker™ LLC going forward.


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